Wine List



                                                                                                            125ml         175ml     Bottle





1      Prosecco, Spumante, DOC, Mabis, Italy, 2015                           5.75                           25.00

A vintage Prosecco at a non-vintage price.  Elegant,

delicate and aromatic with hints of apple and honeysuckle.



2      Grande Réserve, Premier Cru, Pierre Mignon, France                                                45.00

Crisp, elegant and well-balanced; citrus

hints overlaid with touches of brioche.


3      Rosé Brut, Pierre Mignon, France                                                                                 48.00

        Bright, juicy and creamy with a core                    

of ripe red fruit and a delicately-scented finish.


4      Moët et Chandon, Brut Imperial, France                                                                        60.00

        The Classic Champagne!


5      Bollinger, Special Cuvee, France                                                                                   75.00

        A dry, full-bodied Champagne.  Crisp and

        fresh, traditionally with a mature flavour

        and long lasting mousse.


6      Dom Perignon, France                                                                                                   151.00

        A fitting tribute to the genius of the Hautvillers

        monk who invented Champagne.


ROSÉ WINES                                                                                125ml         175ml     Bottle



7      Pinot Grigio Blush, Calusari, Romania                                        4.30            6.00        20.45

        Lovely delicate rose with just a hint of the pink.


8      Cinsault Rosé, La Vie en Rose, France                                                                        25.00

        Beautiful rose petal colour with aromas of fresh



WHITE WINES                                                                              125ml         175ml     Bottle

Food Friendly Wines                                 


9      Muscadet Sur Lie, Côtes de Grandlieu,

        Domaine Des Herbauges, France                                               4.90            6.75        24.90     

        Not for nothing has Muscadet got the reputation of being

        perfect with seafood dishes.


10    Grüner Veltliner Federspiel, Domäne Wachau, Austria                                                29.50

        Bright aromas of white pepper, gooseberry and apple.

        Medium bodied with a lovely crispness and a spicy finish.


11    Chablis, Domaine Grossot, France                                                                               35.00

        There’s a great elegance of style from this bone-dry Chablis.


12    Albariño, Pazo Señorans, Spain                                                                                     43.00

        Widely regarded as the finest producers of Albarino the

        Pazo Senorans wines demand to be tried. From the north

        west of Spain where seafood is the order of the day.


Full or Fruity                                                                


13    Chardonnay, Los Espinos, Chile                                                  4.40            6.15        20.45

        Fresh and vibrant with tangy citrus, tropical fruits

        overlaid with buttery, nutty nuances.


14    Torrontés, Vida Orgánica, Argentina                                                                             25.00

        Aromatic, with a lovely texture. Citrus, lychee and

        spice coming through on the palate.  Organic.


15    Rioja Blanco, Barrel Fermented, Finca Manzanos, Spain                                            26.00              Refreshing barrel fermented Rioja. Toasty on the

        nose with hints of citrus fruit.


16    Sauvignon Blanc, Stoney Range, Sherwood Estate,                  5.00            7.10        29.45

        New Zealand                                                        

        Pronounced, herbaceous aromas with plenty of ripe

        gooseberries, guava and nettles.


Oldies but Goodies


17    Pinot Grigio, DOC, Pradio, Italy                                                                                     29.90

        Delicious floral, pear and honeysuckle notes, a real cut

        above the average.


18    St-Véran, Domaine de Fussiacus, France                                                                    37.55

        A particularly rich example from an often overlooked

        appellation. Fragrant and fresh yet well rounded with

        subtle peachy fruit.


19    Chassagne-Montrachet, 1er Cru, 'Les Vergers',                                                           76.00

        Domaine Pillot, France                                                               

        Crisp, lemony fruit overlaid with subtle toasty oak.

        Well-balanced with great depth of flavour and complexity.


Crisp and Clean


20    Airén, Castillo del Moro, Spain                                                     3.90            5.50        19.00

        Crisp apple and citrus flavours.


21    Sauvignon Blanc, Nostros, Chile                                                 4.70            6.60        22.00              Dry, fruity and grassy with a refreshing tropical



22    Pinot Grigio, Uvam, Mabis, Italy                                                  4.85            6.85        24.50

       A step above your average Pinot Grigio - floral

       aromas with an abundance of tropical fruits - melon,

       guava and peach - on the palate.


23    Sancerre Blanc, Domaine Picard, France                                                                     40.00

        Sublime Sancerre from one of the region’s top

        producers. Aromatic mineral harmony.




Loud and Proud                                                                          


24    Cabernet Sauvignon, The Pugilist, One Chain Vineyards,          5.00            6.50        26.50


        Elegant and poised yet rugged and strong. The epitome

        of the iron fist in the silken glove.


25    Malbec, Serie A, Zuccardi, Argentina                                          5.50            7.70        32.00

        Packed with ripe red fruit, plums and raspberries with hints

        of chocolate, mocha and tobacco.


26    Shiraz, The Cunning Plan, Thistledown, Australia                                                         30.00

        Great depth of flavour with ripe plum and blackberries,

        full bodied with lively spices and a velvet finish.


27    Amarone di Valpolicella, DOCG, Mabis, Italy                                                                57.50

        Made from sun-dried grapes, this is deep, very rich

        and powerful with hints of cherry, chocolate and coffee.


Classy and Classic


28    Pinot Noir Reserva, Nostros, Chile                                              4.50            6.40        22.90

        Soft, light and silky red full of bright fruit, violets and

        smokey flavours.


29    Tempranillo Rioja, Finca Manzanos, Spain                                  4.80            6.70        26.50

        Great value Rioja; ripe red fruits, spices, liquorice and



30    Barolo, DOCG, Cannubi, Cascina Adelaide, Italy                                                         75.00

        Famed around the world for its unique, almost ethereal

        bouquet and incredible elegance.


Elegant and Refined


31    Merlot, Armador, Chile                                                                                                  29.60

        Fleshy, ripe and plummy with tasty licks of chocolate and coffee.


32    Rully Rouge, Domaine Jaegar-Defaix, France                                                             42.00

        Classy Burgundian Pinot Noir; Rully is a lesser known

        appellation and therefore offers great value.


33    Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Guillaume Gonnet, France                                                      57.00

        “Blackberry, black cherry, leather and pepper all emerge from this medium

        to full bodied beauty that has impressive purity and a fresh balanced style”

        91 Points, The Wine Advocate, Oct 16


Light and Juicy


34    Tempranillo/Syrah, Castillo del Moro, Spain                                3.90            5.50        19.00

        Fresh, light and elegant with aromas of

        cherry and red fruits.


35    Merlot, Los Espinos, Chile                                                            4.50            6.30        20.90

        Soft, super juicy, ripe plummy fruit with long full

        flavoured finish.



36    Pinot Noir, Sherwood Estate, New Zealand                                                                  32.00

        Vibrant fruit with the accent on cherries and wild strawberries.


DESSERT WINE                                                          

                                                                         100ml                        Bottle

37    Torrontés Tardio,(50cl.), Zuccardi, Argentina                              4.90                          22.00              Pear, apricots and citrus aromas. It will drive your

        taste buds nuts with fresh fruit and honey flavours.